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How to enter the German Health IT market? (Part 1)

Which Opportunities has been offered to Health IT Companies by the E Health Act 2016?



Opportunities in the German Health IT Market: the E-Health Act 2016, the Germany Way of Patient Engagement, the Innovation Fund and Digital Health Market Segmentation, illustrated in slides.

First Part

Which Opportunities has been offered to Health IT Companies by the E Health Act 2016?

The E-Health Act is active since January 2016. What does it mean to the German Health care sector and the Health IT industry? The third slide of the presentation from Michael Heinlein graphically simplifies the steps of the E Health Acts with all deadlines, incentives, sanctions and opinions by key-opinion leaders. GTMHC is observing the German health IT market all around the clock. As market insiders, we know what is going on and what new regulations mean to the healthcare industry. Our wide network is keeping us up to date on different stakeholder's views. View the presentation slides by clicking at the image.

So, what is going on in E-Health?

In the German understanding, E-Health means the digitalization of the health care system. The E-Health-Act 2016 includes a lot of deadlines, incentives and sanctions to most health care players. During 2016, the secure telematics infrastructure (also called "TI") should become available to all hospitals, practices and insurances. That "TI" should become a secure data infrastructure to connect all German health care providers, like a separate "healthcare high-speed data network". The next step would be the nation-wide roll-out until July 2018. The secure data highway would be the base for secure exchange of patient data and the base for additional digital services in healthcare on provider-to-provider base.

According GEMATIK, the institution responsible for the "TI", 200.000 providers are already connected via the "TI". The VSDM (Kind of central management of all insurant basic data) should be active now - but we at GTMHC could not hear any corks popping. The GEMATIK published a 33-pager about the "TI" development on 30.September 2016, the Deadline for the "TI". Let's have a look.

The details:

Since January 2015, all SHI (statutory health Insurance) insurant are obliged to have the eGK (electronical SHI identity card). A digital insurant identity card. This card includes the basic insurant data. The validation of this card is proceeded online (or via "TI"). The eGK 2.0 is not available yet. GEMATIK: no need, the eGK 1.0 already covers the requested insurant data and validation. And if we look at all the other services and systems available for "TI" - the GEMATIK document says: approval procedure.

 So, what has been approved before 30th June?

  • The eGK 1.0 is implemented nationwide.
  • The digital Health Professional ID card is available.


And what else?

The biggest IT partner for the Telematics Infrastructure is T-Systems. Regarding a press release from 1. September, the KV-Connect network from Telekom and iMedOne is available and already connecting 80% of all practices. The former D2D (Doctor-to-Doctor) communication service will be cut-off on 30. September 2016. Wasn't there any rumor recently in the News? Telekomm stepped out of the KV SafeNet. The Telekom product "Medical Exchange" has not been recertified due to security requirements. The KV SafeNet is a secure communication network between more than 100.000 healthcare providers and SHIs.

And one more: One of the SHIs, DAK-Gesundheit, recently got the approval for the eGK 2.0.

Next deadline regarding E-Health-Act: Starting with 1st October 2016, all Patients have the right to receive a medication plan as soon as they got three or more prescribed drugs.

And what does this mean to the Health IT industry?

The good news is: Contrary to all doubts and uncertainty: The TI-project is ongoing. All solutions associated with inter-provider communication need to be interoperable with the "TI" and KV-Connect. All solutions used for inter-provider communication (e.g. patient related communication between practitioners, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies etc.) need to be GEMATIK proof: Standards set by GEMATIK regarding interoperability and security needs to be met. GEMATIK also offers approval procedures for "TI" related components and services. But honestly - what is new about data security and interoperability to any future-oriented Health-IT company ;-)

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  • SHI - Statutory Health Insurance. The mandatory health insurance to German employees, covering 90% of German inhabitants. Only self-employed, people with high-incomes and civil servants have the choice to leave the SHI-system.
  • TI - Telematics Infrastructure. The secure health data highway connecting all health care providers. The German dream of E-Health under construction.
  • eGK - E-Health Card. The German electronical Insurant identity card. Includes basic personal data such as place and date of birth, address, name of insurance and insurant id number.
  • GEMATIK - public-private company in charge to implement the TI.
  • VSDM - Insurant Data Management. Kind of standardized management of basic insurant data (name, sex, place and date of birth, address, SHI, Insurant number), for validation and update of data.


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Part three: What means Patient Engagement in Germany?

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